Jack Arnold


Architects, builders and consumers love the great looks, sustainability and
functionality our chimney pots add to a home. Below is just some of the
great feedback we've received:


"So many products claim to be UL-listed or have certain approvals, but European Copper chimney pots are the real deal. They enable us to solve traditional chimney problems cost effectively and legally, with incredible improvements aesthetically. A too-short chimney can be brought up to code by extending the height with these chimney pots."

Boston Brick Dealer, California


Our mountain home is located on the summit of a mountain overlooking a small ski resort near Pittsburgh where it is almost always windy. If you recall we were looking for a product that would improve the draft of our existing fireplaces. The new chimney pots not only look great, but they make all the difference in the fireplace draft. The first day we used our fireplace we had a fierce wind storm there was not even a puff of smoke that downdrafted. Outstanding! It is great when things are designed not only for beauty but also for function.”

E. Mendel, Pennsylvania

We are specifying your copper chimney pots on all our houses. We design high
end custom homes that are almost always period houses and our single largest
problem has been chimney termination caps. The county has outlawed "shrouds" and because of that there are a lot of really ugly chimneys in our area.

Thanks again for sending the full body of the UL listing, it will really
help us on our building permit submittals. We look forward to a long term
relationship with your company because ECCP will be on almost all of my
houses from this point forward!

Architect, California