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Homeowners: Start Fall with Chimney Safety In Mind

TULSA, OK–Before the chill of winter days inspire a fire in the fireplace, homeowners must consider the safety of their chimney. As one chimney expert found, European Copper chimney pots are a smart solution for better ventilation.

According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, an average of more than 25,000 chimney fires occur in homes each year. Poisonous carbon monoxide gases also are emitted from a gas-burning fireplace that is not properly vented.

Boston Brick and Stone, a Los Angeles-area chimney inspection and repair company, knows all too well the issues surrounding an inadequately vented chimney. In addition to inspection work, the company is a noted expert in chimney repair. According to owner Dave Laverdiere, a copper chimney pot made by European Copper is frequently the best solution to a chimney’s venting problems.

The safety standards of European Copper pots are what first got Laverdiere’s attention. “When I heard they were UL listed, I was really skeptical,” says Laverdiere. “No one in the industry has a UL listing. But we did our homework and found out they do have the UL. They meet building codes, which is also rare.”

Boston Brick and Stone recently installed seven of the copper chimney pots on a home in Beverly Hills, and plan to use more in the future. European Copper chimney pots are also designed to keep pests and moisture out of the flue, inhibiting mold growth in the chimney. They are made from 100 percent recyclable copper and stainless steel.

According to Laverdiere, chimneys that are too short often don’t vent properly, creating a back draft and allowing harmful gases back into the home. “European Copper chimney pots easily solve the problem by extending them and bringing the chimney up to code,” says Laverdiere. “They are a cost effective solution that adds an incredible improvement aesthetically.”

“We tried two of the King models on a project, and they looked great. When the building inspector came to review it, he just said, ‘Wow!’” Laverdiere recalls.

For more information about Jack Arnold's line of copper chimney products, call 1-800-391-0014 or visit www.jackarnold.com.